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Improving sustainability in water purification


ELGA Process Water introduces a new generation of its leading Rapide™ Strata deionisers.

The Rapide™ Strata is the deioniser of choice for any industry requiring high quality purified water. Using short cycle SCION™ technology and an innovative pulse regeneration sequence, the Rapide™ Strata produces less wastewater with shorter downtime and uses less regenerant chemicals than any other deioniser in its class. This will provide cost savings of up to 40% compared to conventional products.

Whether the application is treating make-up water to reduce boiler blowdown and minimise fuel consumption, producing and recycling rinse water to improve painted or plated surface finishes or producing purified water for general manufacturing, the Rapide™ Strata is the most cost-effective deioniser available. For pharmaceutical applications, Rapide™ Strata +, with its integral HiPol™ polisher, produces water of conductivity less than 0.1µS/cm and silica less than 20ppb, exceeding Ph Eur and USP requirements.

The latest versions of Rapide™ Strata and Rapide™ Strata + incorporate a host of new features to interface more easily with customers’ existing systems, including PVCU pipework, single and three phase power options and additional control functions for greater flexibility. Special regeneration options are also available for high silica raw waters and special applications.

Rapide™ Strata and Rapide™ Strata + units are supported by ELGA Process Water’s comprehensive after-sales service to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of plant.

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