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Industry Top COP Turns Up The Heat For Air Conditioning


Environmental control manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric, has launched a new wall-mounted, inverter driven heat pump air conditioning system with an industry high COP of 5.25 in heating and 5.15 in cooling modes.

The M Series, MSZ-FD models demonstrate beyond doubt that smaller air conditioning heating has come of age and extends the possibility of energy efficient heating and cooling to a wider range of properties and applications.

“These models are ideal for the UK climate because they can deliver energy efficient heating for the majority of the year, but can also be used for cooling when the British summer eventually arrives,” explained Peter Cole, Product Manager for the range. “This is a fairly new concept for us to be promoting these products based primarily on their heating benefits.”

A heat pump extracts free energy from the surrounding air to maximise efficiency. This means that for every 1kW of electricity fed into the system over 5kW of energy are available to heat or cool the space.

The new range will initially have two models available in 2.5 and 3.5 kW sizes but Mitsubishi is planning to add more high COP models to the range later in the year. The units offer an ultra quiet operation at just 20 and 21 dBA respectively and also come with the ability to connect to an MXZ multi unit for even more flexibility of design and use.
Unique to Mitsubishi Electric is the additional ‘Replace’ facility, which can reduce replacement and upgrading costs by potentially allowing users to reuse the existing pipework.

Suitable for a huge variety of smaller applications, Mitsubishi Electric’s M Series range offers exceptional performance and efficiency with complete versatility.

The new MSZ-FD models come with an infra-red controller as standard and a maximum pipe length of 20 metres and a pipe height of 12 metres. Both models also include additional advanced features including a plasma duo air filtration and deodorising system, self cleaning functions and the I-See sensor to aid temperature control and efficiency.

“For their size, these models offer the best performance in both heating and cooling against anything else in the industry,” ended Cole.

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