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Triton’s T80 electric shower range has proved a winner for installers wanting an easy to fit, reliable, problem-solving shower for over three decades – now, with the addition of the T80Z thermostatic and T80Z Slimline models to the eighth generation ‘Z’ family, installers can be sure there is a T80Z for all electric jobs.

Incorporating easy-fit features for which Triton’s T80’s are renowned, installers can now turn to just this one electric range to tackle all site issues and customer requests faced on a daily basis. The thermostatic model gives extra safety assurance, the Slimline is ideal where a smaller footprint or slimmer look is needed and the original T80Z provides trouble-shooting options for quick replacements. Including the only eco flow capped electric showers on the market, the range also gives scope for customers wanting to go ‘green’ and cut water consumption.

All models follow a stylish modern look in chrome or white completed with a popular chrome riser and showerhead, so suit a wide range of customers’ bathrooms. Separate power and temperature controls, and a start/stop button make the showers simple to operate which undoubtedly has extra appeal to the end user.

So which T80Z works where?

Safety and Style: T80Z thermostatic
Although the temperature stability of electric showers are ideal for a majority of jobs, thermostatic control becomes a must for installers faced with a customer wanting a stylish shower with added safety – particularly where young or elderly family members need to be taken into account.

The T80Z thermostatic brings a really affordable thermostatic electric shower to the market and combines all important temperature assurance with style and ease of installation. Using Triton’s innovative wax capsule technology seen in its advanced Safeguard Care showers, they remain the quickest and easiest thermostatic models to fit and can be commissioned in just two minutes.

Seven water and five electrical entry points give installers the flexibility to use existing wiring and position the shower for a neat finish, especially when replacing an existing model.

Available in 8.5kW and 9.5kW White/Chrome finishes and 9.5kW and 10.5kW Chrome versions mean there is a T80Z thermostatic that can be chosen to work with the majority of existing cabling.

Style and Affordability: T80Z Slimline
For jobs where space is limited or the customer just wants a discrete final look, the slim depth and width of the T80Z Slimline fits the bill without losing the ease of installation.

The most slender shower available and boasting a significantly smaller footprint, the Slimline models include Triton’s popular SwivletTM reversible water inlet to keep installation and flexibility as straightforward as possible. Pipework can still be positioned from the left or right as needed and the casing has been designed to allow easy access and working room.

Available in sleek Chrome 9.5kW and 10.5kW options, White 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW versions and a topical 8.5kW Eco model, there is plenty of scope for installers faced with new and replacement projects.

Easy Retro-fit: T80Z
The original T80Z still remains the shower to have in the van for a fast, problem-solving retro-fit option to easily replace most makes or models of existing electric shower.

The first to incorporate features such as the Swiv-letTM reversible water inlet to allow pipework to be fitted from either side, multiple electrical and water entry points to give the extra flexibility to position the shower neatly over existing holes and the unique BEAB approved Z Uni-fit to save hours on a job where wiring needs extending. Installers can be confident they can ‘fit and forget’ and get on with the next job without hassle.

The T80Z is available in popular Chrome, Satin/Chrome and White in 7.5kW to 10.5kW models to suit all style and power needs, plus an 8.5kW white Eco model.

Going Green: T80Z Eco and T80Z Slimline Eco
As eco showerheads cannot be recommended to fit to an electric shower, the original T80Z and T80Z Slimline models include Eco options that work for customers wanting to cut water consumption or comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Both cut water usage to a maximum of 6 litres per minute, reducing bills and satisfying requirements for the Code whilst maintaining the same ease of installation seen with the traditional models. Available in 8.5kW models in white, they have the flexibility to suit a range of bathroom looks and work with existing cabling without the need for rewiring.

Lorna Fellowes, managing director at Triton said:

“When developing the T80Z we wanted to make life easier for installers, providing easy to install, affordable solutions that work for the issues faced on a daily basis. Now the new additions to the T80Z range mean installers can confidently rely on a T80Z model for all new and retro-fit installations – from problematic replacements to safety or design led projects, to ensure they can meet and exceed customer expectation. All safe in the knowledge ease of installation and an attractive price point is at each shower range’s core.”

The complete T80Z family has a two year guarantee and forms part of Triton’s next day rapid replenishment service if ordered before 5pm.

For further information on the complete T80Z family of showers visit www.tritonshowers.co.uk or call 02476 324458.

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