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Intelligent building control at your finger tips – ABB's new Busch-Comfort Touch panel


The new ABB Busch-ComfortTouch panel offers the sophistication of intelligent building control in an easy-to-use, one touch display. Suitable for hotels, housing and commercial properties, it combines state-of-the-art control with exciting new energy efficiency and security features, providing users with full control of all living areas and building functions from one location.

The ComfortTouch panel gives users a single point of control for a range of functions including lighting, security, temperature and humidity. An intuitive colour coding system that distinguishes different aspects of the building – yellow for light, amber for heating, blue for blinds, orange for climate control and purple for living scenarios – makes the system easier to use for those with little or no experience.

The control panel allows users to operate or dim the lights, adjust blinds, regulate the room temperature or create scenes from a combination of the functions listed. For further ease of use, a all functions can also be controlled remotely where there is line-of-sight between the panel and the remote control pad.

Another key feature is the panel’s energy monitoring function. The Busch-ComfortTouch panel provides access to energy consumption data, enabling property owners to monitor and reduce energy use by identifying areas for improved lighting efficiency, energy consumption and security.

The security function makes it possible to simulate presence within buildings, applying realistic living patterns even when nobody is there. The security system is designed to detect when doors or windows have been left unlocked and can even detect breakages. Once an alarm has been raised, an alert is sent to the user’s mobile phone informing the user of the problem. The panel can also be linked to external monitoring systems, such as surveillance cameras, to monitor and record parts of a building directly from the touch panel.

with a built in MP3 player, The Busch-ComfortTouch makes it possible to create audio files or play films. Users can monitor the weather, look at the latest traffic reports, track up-to-date news, access their e-mails and even use the panel as an alarm clock. The panel can also be used to leave voice or written messages for other users to view.

The Busch-ComfortTouch is available in a black or cream coloured, high quality polished finish. Users can customise the screen colours to suit their own personal preferences. Once installed the touch panel will work in tandem with ABB’s KNX intelligent installation system as a source of control within a building. The number of control functions available through the ComfortTouch is up to the individual to decide when they are installing the system.

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