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Introducing the World's Most Intelligent Oil Tank Range


Gone are the days when your oil tank simply STORED oil. iTank’s intelligent oil monitoring technology means that now your oil tank can actually work for you in saving you money and reducing your energy consumption!

The brand new ‘iTank’ range from Harlequin Plastics not only monitors your oil levels, but actually ANALYSES both oil usage and spend per day/week/ month and year. iTank’s intelligent technology comes in the form of the market leading ‘i-Track’ Intelligent Oil Monitoring System – the most ACCURATE way to analyse oil usage on the market, with oil levels being calculated over 200 times per day. Furthermore, spend is calculated on actual daily usage i.e. Sunday is compared with Monday.

Worried about running out of oil? iTank’s accurate monitoring technology means that you can see exactly how many days’ fuel you have left in your tank at any given time. Furthermore – iTank is the most secure tank on the market, with iTank Pro models incorporating a Harlequin internal alarm lock (sounds 100db alarm when tampered with), an external Spinsecure tank lock (secures manhole lid) AND i-Track’s remote alarm system, which alerts the householder in the event of an unexpected fuel loss or theft. This same alarm feature is also a useful means of being alerted when you are about to run out of oil.

So… there’s no need to get caught out this winter and even better, you can use iTank to plan your oil purchases wisely according to price trends! Finally, iTank isn’t just an intelligent tank, it’s also a greener tank (and we don’t mean the colour!). By providing you with information on your CO2 emissions, iTank can help you take your first steps in ‘going green’. Still not convinced? You can access all of the information listed from anywhere in your home, thanks to iTank’s portable i-Track receiver unit, which is battery powered and can therefore be placed anywhere in your home and can be moved from room to room without any impact on your readings!

Now… there’s nothing left to do except sit back, relax and let your iTank take care of the fuel worries!

For more information on iTank or to request a brochure, contact Harlequin Plastics at info@harlequinplastics.co.uk or call +44 (0) 28 9261 1077

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