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ISO Recognition Matches Global Vision


Mitsubishi Electric has just secured ISO14001 recognition for its Sales and Marketing function in a move which brings the Living Environmental Systems Division (LES) in line with the company’s many manufacturing facilities around the globe.

“As one of the leading companies in the UK air conditioning market, we wanted to mirror the environmental commitment that our manufacturing plants have already demonstrated and ISO14001 is the best way of independently achieving this,” explained Martin Fahey, the company’s Green Gateway Initiative Manager.

Companies undertaking ISO14001 have to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reducing their impact on the environment by cutting waste, unnecessary travel and lowering overall resource and energy consumption.

“Achieving ISO14001 demands the total buy-in of all staff which is another reason we wanted to do it,” added Fahey. “We realise that the big corporate statements businesses make can be meaningless unless they are wholeheartedly endorsed and accepted by staff.

“Having achieved this world-class standard, we know that we have merely started a process that will continue to help us grow our business in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible.”

The company is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of commercial heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, and is a pioneer in the use of air source heat pumps for the residential sector.

Mitsubishi Electric has now entered the power generation market with an advanced range of photovoltaic equipment. These have the ability to make renewable power generation achievable in any building.

“All of the initiatives including the decision to pursue ISO14001 stem from the Company’s Green Gateway Initiative, which fits perfectly into the Corporation’s global vision,” added Fahey.

The development of energy efficient buildings remains a long-term goal of Mitsubishi Electric under its framework for realising a sustainable planet – Environmental Vision 2021. This stands at the core of the company’s commitment to the environment, and outlines targets that the company aspires toward and that it can measure itself against.

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