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JRN Tower Curing Works Conversion to Time & Tide Museum


As a key part of a £8.7 million regeneration scheme, The Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life will endeavor to recapture a bygone age of nostalgia. The Victorian building shown above was used for fish curing, to export fish all over the world, and remained an active enterprise even up to 1985. Unfortunately, more recently the property remained derelict for many years and even had several centimeters of salt encrusted on the surface. It became essential to ensure that the property was completely sealed before other restoration work could take place. With a high volume of exposed timber work in the museum, it was vital that a robust fire protective coating to control the spread of a fire was used, Envirograf® Product 42 (HW02, clear intumescent one hour protective coating) was chosen for both the special fire retardant performance of the products and a high quality finish. Envirograf® Product 42 (HW01 white intumescent coating) was also used to give one hour protection for the open ceilings. The conservation work was specified by architects Purcell Miller Tritton of Norwich and financially supported by English Heritage as part of the South Denes peninsula regeneration scheme.

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