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KAL-GUARD+ – The Answer to Limescale Problems?



There’s an answer to limescale formation that is gaining fans across the world –but like so many good ideas, it started life here in the UK.

Straightforward to install, KAL-GUARD+ is an electrolytic scale inhibitor that delivers a water treatment process to manage limescale within a system. The unit incorporates a simple to use, yet sophisticated controller to match the level of water treatment to suit the local water hardness conditions, and in independent testing at Cranfield University has been shown to reduce limescale formation on heating surfaces by up to 80 percent.

WATERMATIC provides products to combat limescale and corrosion in commercial and industrial premises. As well as being ideal for use in the hospitality and leisure industries, KAL-GUARD+ is also successfully used in factories, nursing and care homes and government buildings across the UK and Europe. The company implements an ongoing research and development programme to create innovative solutions that fulfil the requirements of many organisations for low cost of ownership with minimum environmental impact.

WATERMATIC is the commercial division of Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd. (www.sentinel-solutions.net). WATERMATIC satisfies the commercial and industrial needs of its customers by providing an environmentally friendly range of products designed to save both money and energy. None of the WATERMATIC products use chemicals or produce harmful waste products – but they do ensure clean, state of the art energy efficient systems.

WATERMATIC can provide lime-scale water treatment for up to eight-inch pipework. Potential savings can be identified to the customer as well as independent testing and usage reports provided. The knowledge and experience gained in thirty years of water treatment has helped to provide solutions for a diverse range of clients including, hospitals, airports, hotels, leisure facilities, nursing homes and many others.

Physical corrosion protection is also available as 'in-line' units effective against corrosion in steel and galvanised steel pipework as well as mixed metal systems.

Water is the very life-blood of a building and, like the real thing, it has to circulate effectively and perform efficiently. Corrosion and limescale all pose a threat to a building's water systems but with the appropriate preventative measures and/or treatment, water systems can provide optimum performance throughout their life.

There is now a raft of legislation relating to the performance of water systems, ranging from the Building Regulations promoting energy efficiency to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the Health & Safety legislation that imposes a Duty of Care on all building operators. In addition, any organisation that needs to control its overheads also needs to control its water systems. Corrosion reduces performance and leads to premature plant failure, and limescale reduces efficiency.

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