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Keeping children safe from falling roof tiles



According to Aviva, prolonged storm force winds, sub-zero temperatures and snow pose a growing threat to roofs. Dislodged materials present a major risk of injury, particularly on low pitches where débris can accumulate. With extended overhangs, the potential for pedestrians to pass directly beneath where a tile will fall is all the greater so buildings in school playgrounds and busy town centres should, ideally, be given added protection.


Individual insurance claims for injury in such situations have exceeded £10,000* so straightforward preventative measures can pay considerable dividends throughout the year. A Klober Trapac® Tile & Snow Guard will catch tile pieces and mortar, while allowing water from melting snow to pass through it. Its support brackets are lightweight, simple to connect and suitable for flat or profiled concrete interlocking tiles and no additional support battens are needed.

*Freedom of information request – Daily Mail online – one claimant received £13,500

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