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In the pages of BusinessNet Explorer you will find product news and information about the following product ranges:

Construction / Electrical

  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting > fixtures, internal fixtures, external fixtures, l.e.d fixtures, fibre-optic fixtures, light sources, ballasts / control gear, lighting controls, security lighting, emergency lighting, components, instruments, passive fire protection, bespoke design lighting, restoration of period lighting, period styles, public area lighting, bedroom & bathroom lighting, table & floor lighting, ceiling & wall lighting, architectural lighting, shades
  • Heat Management
  • Air Management
  • Security > access control, CCTV, electronic article surveillance (EAS), intruder, monitoring, service & maintenance, security systems, specialist cables, security management
  • Fire Alarm & Emergency Systems > fire alarms, fire detection, gaseous extinguishing systems, monitoring, service & maintenance, public address / voice alarm, fire performance cables, fire control, smoke control, emergency systems
  • Wiring Accessories
  • Cables & Cable Management > cables, cable management
  • Automation, Drives & Controls
  • Enclosure Systems
  • Panel Building
  • Testing & Power Management
  • Electrical Distributors
  • Design & Estimating Software
  • Test & Inspection Software


Construction / Mechanical / HVAC

  • Building Services Modules
  • Heating & Hot Water > commercial boilers, domestic boilers, burners, radiators, designer radiators, radiator covers, convectors, radiant heating, warm air heaters, fan coils, underfloor, thermostatic radiator, valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, calorifiers, storage tanks, thermal storage, solar panels, miscellaneous, water heaters, water based heating & cooling, heat pumps, pipe boxing
  • Pipework, Pumps etc. > standard copper or steel pipe, pre-insulated pipe, plastic pipe, multi-layer composite pipe (mlc), cast iron drainage systems, cast aluminium drainage systems, insulation, anti-vibration equipment, expansion control, valves, pumps, pipe freezing, pipework support systems, water treatment
  • Water Treatment > physical water conditioners, limescale treatment, scale treatment, water softeners, filtration, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet disinfection, silver and copper ionisation, training solutions, servicing, maintenance and upgrades, emergency and rental equipment, high purity water, waste water treatment
  • Air Movement / Treatment > fans, air handling units, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, grilles/diffusers, ductwork, filters, air pressure stabilisers, air pressure relief vents, heat recovery ventilation, fire rated ductwork, noise & vibration control, air cleaners, air curtains, trickle ventilators, smoke control, ductwork maintenance, swimming pool ventilation
  • Air Conditioning > chillers, variable refrigerant flow, VRV variable refrigerant volume, WRF water & refrigerant flow, rooftop packages, split systems, fan coils, cooling towers, condensers, mounting brackets, refrigerant pipework, refrigerants, compressors, precision control, comfort cooling, computer room cooling, ductwork, heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, fire rated ductwork, noise & vibration control, water based heating & cooling, chilled beams, ductwork maintenance
  • Controls > stand-alone controllers, building management systems (BMS), thermostats, inverter drives, care communications, hvac control, energy management, flow & heat meters
  • Maintenance > scale treatment, corrosion inhibitors, bacteria / alga control, central heating system cleaner, refrigerant recovery equipment, inspection equipment, ductwork maintenance, pipe freezing
  • Instruments > temperature sensors, humidity sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, meters for measuring gases, air flow sensors, fluid flow sensors
  • Design & Estimating Software
  • Lifts & Escalators
  • Refrigeration > cold rooms, fridges / freezers, display cabinets / counters, back bar equipment, ice makers, blast chillers / freezers
  • Plumbing > washroom systems, bathroom systems, wet rooms, pipework & accessories, hoses, tap flexible hose, braided flexible hose, taps / mixers, sanitaryware, showers, thermostatic showers, electric showers, digital showers, shower enclosures, pumps, saunas, protective clothing, tanks, tools & equipment, valves, fittings, water filters, drain cleaning, water softeners, pipe freezing, drainage, water treatment, passive fire protection, electronic water fittings, sensor operated taps, vandal-resistant water fittings, water & energy saving systems, secure sanitaryware


Construction / Construction

  • Materials > concrete & admixtures, aggregates, stone, wood-based panels, rigid sheets / boards, glass, mouldings / extrusions, sections, fixings / fastenings, tapes / adhesives / sealants, membranes / sheetwork, waterproofing / damp-proofing, paints / stains / varnishes, wood floor finishes, overlap sheets, architectural metalwork, craft joinery, mesh / wirework, bricks, blocks, plaster, plasterwork & cast stone, fillers, geo-synthetics, pvc roofline / cladding, substrate preparation (screeds / levellers / primer), coving / cornices, green roofs, basement conversion products, facing masonry
  • Groundworks/Substructure > foundations / piling, retaining walls, ground water control, ground stabilisation
  • Structure & Frames > external walls, internal walls, partitions, roofs, roofing systems, roofing tiles, rooflights / roof windows, ceilings, floors – structural, floors – access, floors – decking, floors – beams, staircases, insulation, structural fire protection, passive fire protection, building frames, doors – external, doors – internal, doors – industrial doors, doors – shop fronts, windows, lintels, grilles / shutters, handrails / balustrades, skirtings / dado / mouldings, architectural ironmongery, structural steel systems, roofing ventilation, roofing underlays
  • Finishes > wall finishes – internal, wall finishes – external, floor finishes – concrete / screeds, floor finishes – jointless, floor finishes – tile / brick / slab, floorfinishes – wood / laminate, floor finishes – vinyl, floor finishes – covers / floor fittings, floor finishes – sheet finishes, floor finishes – carpets / rugs, roof finishes – tiles, roof finishes – cladding, roof finishes – trim / accessories, skirtings – dado / mouldings
  • Services > aerial photography & mapping, elevation modelling, thermal imagery, 3D building models, height data, water supply, sewage / drainage / rainwater, refuse disposal, transport – lifts / escalators, transport – access cradles, transport – loading bay, transport – dock levellers, lightning protection, M & E services, scissor lifts
  • Internal Fittings > furniture – general, furniture – office, furniture – special, kitchen, bathroom / sanitary, laundry / cleaning, storage, curtains / blinds, swimming pools, scissor lifts
  • External Fittings > gates / fencing, paving, flag paving, kerb stone, bollards, swimming pools, resin based surfacing
  • Swimming Pools
  • Plant & Machinery


Construction / ECO-PRODUCT

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Construction



  • Plastics
  • Welding & Metalwork
  • Electrical Components & Equipment
  • Fixings & Fastenings
  • Food & Beverage
  • Boilers & Refrigeration
  • Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Measuring & Control Instruments
  • Packaging, Handling & Storage
  • IMMS



  • Independent Developers
  • Manufacturers
  • IT & Data Systems

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