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Klober Solar accessory range keeps roofs watertight and airtight


The problem of sealing roof penetrations created by cables and pipes has been solved by the introduction of Klober’s Solar-Line range of accessories. Products ensure that roofs remain fully watertight and airtight while cables are protected from abrasion and bending. A Solar Outlet Kit contains Outlet, Collar, Universal Base Tile or Slate and a Sealing Collar which is available in a choice of sizes. The Outlet can be used with up to 8 cables of 4-8mm to connect PV-systems as well as sensors, aerials, security lights and cameras. Other products include a Universal Solar Panel Flashing Apron and a Panel Support which absorbs forces of up to 2500 N/m2. The bracket’s design places no strain on tiles and prevents humidity from entering the roof. Products have been wind-tunnel tested on pitches from 20°-50° and are available in a selection of colours.

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