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Kubota Again Steals the Lead on its Rivals with Thatcham Certified Security System


In 2005 Kubota became the first and is still the only mini excavator manufacturer to offer a complete security system as standard equipment on its machines.

Now the company has raised the standard even further with the introduction of its newly upgraded 'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' security system, which has also gained the certification of Thatcham, the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre.

It is the first construction equipment security system integrated into machines when they are built to achieve Thatcham endorsement.

The coveted certification is recognised by insurers and should result in substantial discounts on premiums for users of Kubota mini excavators.

'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' is now fitted as standard to all new Kubota machines from 1.5 to 8 tonnes.

Richard Harrison, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kubota (UK) Ltd – Construction Equipment, said: “It's s

atisfying to know that our new 'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' system is considered so secure it has gained the certification of Thatcham, perhaps the best known name in the business for vehicle security. This should be good news when it comes to insurance premiums, as well as providing extra peace of mind for hire companies, plant users and owner operators alike.”

Mike Briggs, Vehicle Security Manager at Thatcham, said, “This is a major step forward in the fight to combat plant theft and Kubota are to be congratulated on taking the lead as the first plant manufacturer to gain this certification for standard fit equipment.”

“In 2005 when we launched the original 'ANTI-THEFT' system we were the first mini excavator manufacturer to offer a key-based security system as standard. It's been a great success and to date we have no record of any Kubota machine fitted with it ever having been stolen by means of thieves tampering with the ignition,” added Richard Harrison.

The unique easy-to-use security system is based on an individually programmed key for each machine instead of the traditional universal starter key. The 'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' key has an identification code embedded in an IC chip that incorporates a state-of-the-art immobiliser system.

It starts and stops the engine like a conventional ignition key, and also opens the machine's cab door, fuel filler cap and engine canopy. Without it, the fuel, hydraulic and electric systems are fully immobilised. Any attempt to start the machine with an un-programmed key activates the system's alarm. There is also now extra guarding around the more sensitive areas of the machine operating system.

Two pre-programmed keys are supplied with each new machine. A third master key gives users the opportunity to easily reprogramme the machine with a new unique identity number, via buttons on the digital dashboard, if one or both of the original keys are lost or mislaid at any time.

Kubota is the UK, European and world leader in mini excavators and provides the widest range of machines available from a single manufacturer. Customers can select from 19 base models spanning the weight range from 850kg to 8 tonnes and including the largest selection of highly versatile zero tail swing machines.

Kubota also outstripped its competitors with the recent announcement that all its new machines will now carry a full 3 year warranty as standard. Typically most other manufacturers currently offer a maximum 2 year standard warranty period.

“The decision to extend the standard warranty to 3 years (or 3,000 hours) was another industry first for Kubota and confirms our confidence in the quality, reliability, durability and superiority of our minis.”

“Their outstanding performance, versatility, excellent residual values and exceptional dealer support, together with our unique new 'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' security system as standard, make Kubota mini excavators unbeatable value for money, particularly in these tough economic times,” concluded Richard Harrison.

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