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TROX UK has cemented its place in the air handling market with the launch of the X-CUBE Compact range of ready-to-use and pre-configured air handling units. The move means that TROX now has an air handling unit solution for almost every project from the very largest to the mid-range and the smallest application.

The arrival of the X-CUBE product range, during 2012, heralded TROX’s arrival as the only company in its sector capable of supplying, from a single source, virtually all components required for installing a complete air conditioning system. The new X-CUBE Compact, for volume flow rates up to 1.7 m3/sec extends the capabilities to encompass a wider range of applications. The high-efficiency unit has a heat recovery performance of over 80% and an even smaller physical footprint.

X-CUBE range

With the TROX X-CUBE range of freely configurable air handling units, TROX defines new standards in the air handling unit market and sets considerably higher standards for quality, flexibility, reliability, energy efficiency, and hygiene. The units in the standard X-CUBE range cover an air volume flow rate range up to 24 m3/sec with unlimited configuration options. They are designed for supply or extract ventilation of rooms and buildings, incorporating filtering, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, and heat recovery. A special hygienic design is also available, ideally suited for hospitals and laboratories, and a weather-resistant version is included in the range for outdoor applications.

The outstanding performance of the range is underpinned by the very highest levels of independent assessment. Both the X-CUBE air handling unit and the X-CUBE Configurator design programme have been successful in achieving Eurovent certification providing independent assurance of the accuracy of the data and the stated performance criteria.

Energy efficiency is a vital feature of the range and the X-CUBE has been assessed by Eurovent as A class (the highest possible). This is due in part to the fine tolerances of manufacture. In contrast to other commercially-available air handling units, which have evolved incrementally over time, the X-CUBE has been created from a ‘clean sheet’ by a dedicated design team and with investment to create a new manufacturing facility purposed-designed for this product line. The X-CUBE’s enclosure incorporates a number of special construction and insulation features to ensure low leakage and optimised heat recovery. In addition, the TROX attenuators, with aerodynamically profiled frames achieve 30% less pressure drop than conventional silencers. Distance pieces in variable widths can be used to individually adjust the distance between the splitters. These also function as handles to enable the splitters to be removed when the casing requires cleaning. Intelligent control and highly-efficient IE2 (with options of permanent magnet IE4 compliant) motors also contribute to outstanding energy performance.

Hygiene of the unit is unparalleled as a result of the special design of the casing, its smooth surfaces and the way in which the components are installed. X-CUBE meets the VDI 6022 guidelines and the DIN 1946/4 requirements as standard, and an optional version of the unit, which meets AHU Guidelines 01, is available for even more demanding environments.

Highly flexible, the X-CUBE can be supplied with a choice of energy-efficient heat recovery systems, such as regenerative thermal wheel technology with hygroscopically coated thermal mass, plate heat exchangers or composite circulation systems to suit the application.

Installation and maintenance is simplified by the modular structure of the units. In addition the extended use of field BUS technology (communicating with virtually all building management systems) has simplified wiring. During commissioning and on-going operation, the intuitive design of the X-CUBE touch panel means that virtually all status information is available at a glance to assist safe, comfortable and error free operation.

The new X-CUBE Compact

The launch of the new X-CUBE Compact extends the range by bringing to the market a range of ready-to-operate and pre-configured air handling units that deliver the same excellent performance characteristics of the X-CUBE in the smallest of spaces.

Nine different units and a choice of two heat exchanger systems provide an extremely flexible range of solutions for volume flow rates of up to 1.7 m3/sec in small and mid-range applications. The units feature the same casing design and manufacture criteria as the X-CUBE for maximum energy efficiency, such as a seamless foam seal on each panel to ensure the low leakage class is maintained. High efficiency IE4 compliant EC motors and Eurovent-certified energy class A minipleat filters also contribute to energy savings. The X-CUBE Compact is pre-configured and ready to operate (plug and play), simplifying installation and maintenance, and the operating side of the unit can also be changed quickly and easily by simply exchanging the panels.

Dedicated Centre of Excellence for design and manufacture

Ahead of its move into the air handling unit market, the TROX Group built a new dedicated 15,000m2 production facility in Anholt, near the German-Dutch border, specifically for the X-CUBE. The new production facility is pupose designed and built for this purpose; it therefore offers the necessary flexibility for manufacturing air handling units in all common size ranges. The new advanced manufacturing technology with which the factory has been equipped has been selected with the high quality requirements of the air handling units in mind, and allows for a very efficient production process. For example, laser cutting of profiles, plastic profile machining, punching and sheet forming have been automated. New powder coating equipment and sealing foam application equipment have also been customised specifically for the requirements of AHU manufacturing.

TROX has defined a process which takes all factors into consideration: its new configurator software, the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), the production equipment and also each individual worker. This process enables the company to provide customised, unique units of the quality and also at the price of a standardised production unit.
The total investment for the X-CUBE project amounted to € 20 million which, thanks to the excellent liquidity of the TROX GROUP, was completed without requiring credit lines.

“So often in our industry, new models are launched which are just an incremental improvement on a previous product, but with X-CUBE we have a completely different situation” explained Paul Wenden, Technical Director of TROX UK. “Here the designers have started with a completely clean sheet and created a product based on levels of performance, energy efficiency, flexibility and practicality that have not been available to customers in the past. The resulting product ranges re-write the rules and set new standards for air handling. This is an extremely exciting launch for TROX UK and will ultimately be an important stepping stone for our customers as they move forward with their energy efficiency and carbon reduction ambitions.”

‘One stop shop’

TROX is the only company in its sector capable of supplying, from a single source, virtually all components required for installing a complete air conditioning system. By providing a single point of accountability, TROX can bring additional peace of mind for customers, and remove risk from projects. During the design phase, the TROX sales and design engineers can advise on an integrated solution that captures the needs of their customers.

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