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Let's Cut Clean-Up Time!


BonaKemi has introduced a unique Dust Care System for wood floor specialists. Using either Single or Multi versions of this highly sophisticated vacuum system, clean-up time after sanding can be drastically reduced, sanding machine performance improved and working conditions made much healthier

The Bona Dust Care Single is a powerful portable vacuum unit which is compatible with all Bona sanding machines as well as other brands. Its 7.5 metre hose can also be connected to edge sanders which, as contractors will know, often cause very high levels of dust. The sanding dust is safely collected inside the unit's high capacity 'longopac' bag and emptied using a quick 'two cable-tie' technique which means that neither contractor nor the environment are exposed to its harmful properties. Weighing just 38 kg, new Dust Care Single is designed to be highly manoeuvrable and can be laid flat for transport.

In tests, the Dust Care System removed 99.996% of dust from the working environment. As the dust is drawn away from the sanding machine, the belt and the floor during the sanding process, the abrasive performs more effectively. When sanding is complete, the air, the floor and the sanding machine itself remain clean and virtually dust free, a huge plus point for contractors – particularly when working in museums, hospitals, residential premises and other 'dust sensitive' areas. The system is suitable for use when sanding all types of wooden floor including wood composition floors.

The Dust Care Multi is a trailer based vacuum system which can be connected to two sanding machines simultaneously. This option is designed for contractors working on larger projects such as museums, airports and shopping centres. The trailer is parked outside the building and its 30 metre hose connected to the sanding machine/s inside. The sanding dust is taken via the hose to the vacuum unit in the trailer which is powered by a powerful Honda 4-stroke, two cylinder engine. The trailer is also designed to store sanding machines, and other tools and materials.

Both Dust Care Single and Dust Care Multi are based on patented '2-step cyclone' technology and, because of their time saving potential, are set to revolutionise the way contractors work! BonaKemi distributors will have more details, alternatively contractors can call BonaKemi direct on 01908 399740 to arrange a demonstration.

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