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LG THERMA Inglewood Retirement Village nestles gently into 39 acres of superb grounds, close to the Berkshire border. Offering stunning surroundings and awarded gold in the What House? Awards Best Retirement Village Awards 2014, it’s one of ten luxury retirement villages provided across the country by Audley Retirement Villages – one of the UK’s leading retirement living providers.

Inglewood is built close to the village of Kintbury, near Hungerford on land once owned by William the Conqueror. It’s a very old manor house with huge history that has been totally transformed by a succession of owners over the centuries. Today’s Inglewood is an impressive, modern, extended and quite majestic luxury retirement village for the over 55s. And it has the best of everything, including the heating system to keep its owners warm in the winter.

Phase 2 of the development has just been completed and is fully sold, and phase 3 is beginning to take shape. Phase 2 benefits from cutting edge heating courtesy of the latest Therma V Split units from LG, providing cost effective and comfortable heating and hot water for each individual apartment. There are 26 individual units in Phase 2, with the internal installations fitted neatly in a cupboard in the quite exceptional kitchens. The exterior units are installed on the roof of the building, completely hidden from the sight of the owners. Each room in the apartments is separately zoned and controlled by simple dial thermostats allowing the owners total control over the level of heating in each room. The reality is that most owners are totally unaware of the fact that their heating is provided by an air source heat pump installation, rather than a traditional boiler and they are pleasantly surprised by the low level of the heating costs in their new homes.

LG THERMAThe LG units were installed by heating and renewables specialists, Into Heat from Bristol: “We were happy to be asked to install the LG Therma V split units in this project – they’re quality products and we find then easy to fit and reliable to operate,” says IntoHeat’s Dave Canning. “They’ve only been in the property for a few months but we’ve had only positive feedback which is encouraging.”

John Wilcock is the Facilities Manager at Inglewood, responsible for the building and for keeping owners happy: “You might expect with a new and refurbished core building project that there will be teething problems and new owners will point out any issues they have with the apartments they have purchased. Suffice to say that I have had no complaints at all about the heating and hot water systems which tells pretty much the whole story! I’ve been very impressed by the units themselves and the quality of the installation.”

LG continues to see its equipment specified and installed across the UK, with sales growing impressively. For more information on the impressive LG Therma V range, head for http://partner.lge.com/uk.

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