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LUCKINSlive – the new knowledge base for building services


AMTECH Group has launched LUCKINSlive.com, the first ever free online information service for the entire building services industry, comprising mechanical, electrical and plumbing sectors.

LUCKINSlive is set to become the largest single source of information on up to 750,000 building services products; including brochures, specification sheets, images, videos and more. This information is free to access and is available 24 hours a day -with no login required.

Advanced search functions make it easy to find information and links are provided directly from all AMTECH, Estimation and nes Specification Expert software, so that sourcing information becomes a seamless part of the workflow.

Users can also subscribe to the free ‘Price Watch’ newsletter that provides information on all the latest price movements in the industry, together with industry news, while an upgrade to the full LUCKINSlive service gives access to up-to-date pricing data.

Current Luckins data subscribers will automatically be entitled to enhanced product and pricing information available online through LUCKINSlive. The site is also mobile-enabled, allowing information to be accessed on the move, at any time of day.

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