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MAKING PANEL COMPONENTS QUICK TO CONNECT: Crompton Instrument Q2C wiring solution


TE Energy has launched a new Crompton Instruments cabling and interconnection product that enables its latest digital metering system to be connected to its 3-phase current transformers as well as to the incoming or outgoing supply in an instant.

Q2C wiring solution reduces wiring time by at least 80% and in panel building time is money – anything that reduces the labour required in constructing electrical control gear is highly advantageous. At the same time, because the connection looms are made in quality assured UK factory, the scope for error in the connections is virtually eliminated.

Q2C has been designed to be used with the company’s latest Integra Ci5 digital metering system and its 5A secondary 3-phase current transformers. The system comes with three types of pre-cut wiring loom in various lengths to cover fuses to voltage; voltage to voltage; and CT to meters connections. The voltage looms are also multipurpose and can be used for both incoming voltage supply and for additional meter looping. All the installer has to do is simply click the components and the wiring together. The integral pull resistant connectors and earthing are included on the looms which are crimped to ensure vibration resistance.

The Integra Ci5 digital metering system is both advanced and flexible. The Integra digital metering systems (dms) provide fully programmable, highly accurate measurement, display and communication of all major electrical and power quality parameters, including true rms system values, power quality data and measurement of total harmonic distortion.

On the Ci5 there is both voltage in and out connection and user programmable system configuration. Pulsed and standard RS485 Modbus RTU is standard. CT ratio is programmable and there is true rms/THD measurement. A new backlit LCD screen makes the unit easily readable in any location and the unit is easily clipped into its panel mounting.

The QC 3-phase 5A Secondary current transformers can be used with or without the Q2C solution and combine, as the name suggests, three traditional current transformers in a single moulded case. The unit has internal grounding/earthing, has reversible mounting for left or right hand side and is supplied with a pluggable locking connector for easy installation.

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