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MAPEI'S Fiberplan – The Ideal Solution For Levelling Timber Floors


Mapei’s FIBERPLAN is an ultra-fast hardening, fibre-reinforced self-levelling compound suitable for levelling differences in thickness from 3 – 10mm on timber substrates for the installation of all types of floor coverings.

Time efficient and cost effective, FIBERPLAN offers an alternative to a plywood overlay, eliminating the requirement for conventional carpentry or other over-boarding methods often employed for levelling timber floors and is suitable for use over wooden boarding, chipboard, plywood and parquet as well as existing ceramic tiles, terrazzo and natural stone substrates.

FIBERPLAN has a high flexural strength, therefore is ideal when installing ceramic tiles over a wooden substrate as it helps prevent cracking on tiled finishes, ensuring that the tiled surface remains unharmed and intact.


FIBERPLAN is a grey coloured powder consisting of special cements with rapid setting and hydrating properties, synthetic fibres, graded silica sand, resins and special additives prepared in accordance with a formula developed in the Mapei research laboratories.

FIBERPLAN, when mixed with water, produces a very smooth easily workable paste, perfectly self-levelling, with high adhesion to the substrate that is extremely rapid drying. FIBERPLAN is simply mixed with water and is available in 25kg bags.

FIBERPLAN is applied by trowel or spiked roller, can be set to light foot traffic after just 3 hours and has a waiting time of approx 12 hours before the installation of ceramic tiles.

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