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Marbella from Aeon – the warmth of natural stone


The natural appeal of stone is the inspiration for the Aeon Collection’s newest designer radiator. Marbella reflects the increasing popularity of stone in contemporary homes using this erstwhile cool material for room heating.

Specially selected pieces of tactile, polished or matt natural stone are interspersed with horizontal belts of mirror polished or brushed matt stainless steel to create a sculptural design of contrasting materials. A choice of three stones – polished black granite, polished beige marble and matt beige travertine – offers a tone to suit a variety of decoration schemes. A bespoke service, sourcing and matching stone to client specification is also available from Aeon.

Each stone section of the Marbella measures 60 x 40 cm and radiators can be made from two, three or four sections, depending on room requirements. Outputs range between 1678 watts and 3349 watts. Models with a fixed towel bar in co-ordinating stainless steel finish are available for bathroom or kitchen use.

Prices start from £980 (+VAT) for a two-section (850 x 600 mm) Marbella radiator in limestone and brushed matt stainless steel without towel bar. Mirror polished Marbella radiators are available from stock whilst brushed matt models can be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

Radiators in the Aeon Collection are made from the highest-grade solid stainless steel. All designs in the hand-finished range carry a 20-year guarantee.

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