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Marflow's pre-fabricated valve sets speed up installation at Royex House


Installation of a four pipe fan coil system at Royex House in the City of London included the use of 900 pre-fabricated valve sets, supplied to Axima Building Services by Marflow Hydronics. The valve sets were Marflow’s innovative Xterminator units, which combine a Filtermate isolation valve and Universal Xtra fitting with the company’s versatile Terminator commissioning valve.

Constructed for Scottish Widows as a speculative development, Royex House is a new 16 storey, 35,500m2 building in Aldermanbury Square, comprising predominantly office space with food and drink retail outlets at ground level.

In order to maximise onsite productivity, M&E contractor Axima Building Services decided to have the valve sets for the fan coil system fabricated off-site.

“Adopting a pre-fabrication approach enabled us to make optimum use of onsite staff and save a considerable amount of time on the installation of the fan coil system,” explained Axima’s Mark McManus. “As well as providing excellent value for money, Marflow worked closely with us and the other suppliers, providing expert advice and ensuring that deliveries were on time,” he added.

Pre-fabricated copper bends were supplied to Marflow’s production facility, where the Xterminator units and chilled and heating valve sets were mounted in tandem on a single bracket. The assemblies were then supplied to the fan coil manufacturer complete with a 2-port control valve and copper tails for direct connection to the fan coil units.

A further benefit of using Marflow’s Terminator Commissioning valve derives from its exclusive inter-changeable venturi system. This facilitates any future changes that may be made to the system, thus adding value for the end user.

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