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Marina Apartments Go For Quality Accessories


Hamilton Litestat’s Cheriton Victorian wiring accessory range, which was supplied through Rexel Senate Eastbourne, has been featured at a major harbour front development at Grosvenor Quay, which lies at the heart of the prestigious Sovereign Harbour marina complex in Eastbourne, East Sussex. This comprehensive range of decorative wiring accessories has enabled the electrical contractor Chris Bartholomew Electrical Contractors Ltd to incorporate all the required accessories, including specials and multi-media, to address the more sophisticated demands of these luxury 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

Property developer, Durham Construction selected these high quality accessories as part of its drive to provide aesthetically pleasing, top-end properties that are able to meet the lifestyle requirements of potential purchasers. To this end these apartments have also been pre-wired using Cat 5e and Coax to accommodate a compact residential infrastructure system which is able to facilitate the use of a fully integrated multi-room audio and entertainment system. To maintain continuity of design throughout the project, Hamilton Litestat has provided special Cheriton plates which are able to incorporate the grid frames and modules for the CHRIS system.

Barry Mepham, sales manager for the Grosvenor Quay properties at the Marina New Homes Partnership said, “Attention to detail has ensured that these high specification apartments are able to attract the more discerning buyer. The use of Hamilton’s Cheriton plates not only provides the all important quality edge to complement the interior styling, but also ensures continuity of design as the special accessory plates are an exact match to those that are used for the standard switches and sockets. This focus on aesthetics is important in this type of luxury accommodation as it adds value, helping to establish a product differential when compared with lower specification properties.”

According to the site’s electrical contractor Chris Bartholomew of Chris Bartholomew Electrical Contractors Ltd, “Most manufacturers don’t provide a complete range which makes it more complicated to provide the client’s required wiring solution. With Hamilton’s Cheriton Victorian range it offers a full range of products, in a wide range of finishes, and with the option of box or grid fix, it makes it extremely easy to get the job done in the most appropriate way without having to compromise.”

Hamilton’s wiring accessories have been supplied through the Eastbourne branch of Rexel Senate. The branch manager Paul Long said “. We found Hamilton Litestat most helpful as well as being extremely competitive in their pricing. We appreciated their ‘don’t say no’ attitude along with their ability to provide specials to suit the exact needs of the project, such as the media plates and those that have been modified for the CHRIS modules. By developing a good working relationship with this manufacturer, we have been able to support our client in winning their bid for this valuable contract”

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