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Marley Eternit Extends Hydropanel Range


Marley Eternit’s popular Hydropanel internal partition board is not only suitable for painting, papering and tiling over but it is now available in a smaller, lighter, one-man size.

Hydropanel was originally launched in three dimensions (1,200×2,500mm, 600×2,500mm and 1,200×3,000mm) but so versatile is it proving for dry construction, that Marley Eternit has now extended the range to include a 900×1,200mm one-man board weighing just 13.2kg

Hydropanel is a high performance board for use in buildings ranging from homes to hospitals and offices to leisure centres. It can be used throughout buildings, on their walls, ceilings and floors, and its smooth surface finished with paint, render, wallpaper or other decorative systems compatible with the board.

Hydropanel has exceptional proven performance offering resistance to fire, impact, water and sound. The high dimensional stability of the board also reinforces the building structure. Easy to handle and work, the boards are simply screw fixed using standard tools to a variety of timber or metal fixing systems.

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