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Marley Eternit Works With Architects On Colour


An international colour workshop held by Eternit Germany, the sister company of the UK's leading manufacturer of cladding and roofing materials Marley Eternit, reveals huge differences in the colours preferred by architects in the various EC states.

Some may be as obvious as flamboyant French architects preferring pink and the more conservative English preferring more muted, natural colours. However, what they all agree on is how important colour in design is to them.

This importance was reflected in the fact that four European architects accepted Eternit's invitation to spend a day discussing colour in design, reviewing the company's cladding portfolio and touring the group's fibre cement factory in Neubeckum, Germany.

UK architects were represented by Cany Ash and Robert Sakula from Ash Sakula Architects in London. They were joined by Konrad Wohlhage from Leon Wohlhage Wernik Architekten in Berlin and David Trottin from Peripheriques Architectes in Paris and were complemented by five architects working within Eternit companies in Europe.

These are Shane O'Toole from Tegral, Ireland, who is architecture correspondent for the Sunday Irish Times, and Prof Jan Krause of Eternit Germany, who is Professor for Architecture Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum, as well as Eternit architects in Spain and Italy.

Conducted in English, the workshop focused on a discussion of Eternit versus competitor products and future development of Eternit's portfolio of fibre cement cladding panels.

Accompanied by 10 other senior Eternit sales and marketing personnel from all over Europe, the architect consultants reviewed the colour ranges and sales figures of each participating country before Jan Krause spoke about the use of colours in architecture, showing recent architectural works with natural or industrial facade materials.

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