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Megger makes relay testing even more portable


Megger’s SVERKER 760 protection relay test set can now optionally be ordered with a rugged protective case that makes it even easier and more convenient to store, transport and use. The case, which is constructed entirely from non-conductive materials, incorporates a robust hinged carrying handle, and is also fitted with an second extendable handle and wheels, allowing it to be moved around easily and with a minimum of effort.

  • More portable
  • More manouverable
  • Better protected
  • Easy to move

To allow unimpeded access to the instrument, the lid of the case can be removed completely and, as a further aid to convenience, provision is made within the case for the storage of test leads. When closed, the new case has an IP67 ingress protection rating to safeguard the instrument against damage by water, dust or other contaminants while it is being stored or transported.

Efficient testing

The SVERKER 760 single-phase protective relay test set for which the new case is suitable are designed to maximise testing efficiency while minimising complexity. It features logical front panel layouts that make setting up straight forward, and it has easy to read displays that can be used to show Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle etc., as well as time, voltage and current.

As a further aid to testing efficiency, the voltmeter function of the instruments can be configured as a second ammeter, which is particularly useful when testing differential relays, and the display incorporates a freeze function for capturing short duration voltage and current transients.

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