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Mira makes electric showers more affordable


Consumers buying showers at the lower end of the market still want and expect value-for-money and a quality shower that offers both style and performance. Now they can have all that, and a competitive price!

Leading shower manufacturer, Mira Showers, has strengthened its entry-level electric shower offering with the introduction of Vie. Introduced exclusively for the merchant/distributor channel, this new shower range offers a competitive spec and competitive margin opportunities for the merchant.

Available in a choice of power ratings (8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.8kW), Vie is a manual electric shower that features Select & Forget controls with a push button start/stop and power. For economy it features an ECO energy saving power setting that can halve the power consumption and is particularly beneficial for summer use.

In addition to the Eco setting, the power control gives the user the choice of Low and High settings. Once set, the user can simply press the start button.

Installation features include multiple pipe and cable entry points, which are achieved without the need for additional trims and which allow the ultimate in siting possibilities. For convenience, Vie also accepts both compression and push fit type fittings.

Other installation features include an easy clean filter and installation template. The Vie footprint has also been designed to cover the existing screw holes of the majority of competing electric showers, making it an ideal replacement product.

Safety features have also been designed into Vie. A unique flow regulator stabilises any temperature changes caused by water pressure fluctuations, which can result from taps being turned on or off, or toilets being flushed. Under such conditions, average shower temperatures will be held within a 6 degree C range, provided that the minimum required pressure is maintained. The shower requires a minimum pressure of 0.7 bar (1 bar for the 10.8 kW model). At pressures above 0.7 bar, the shower will minimise the temperature fluctuations caused when other draw-off points are used. If the flow rate drops below an acceptable level, the heating element inside the shower will turn off, resulting in a cold shower. Similarly, if the water temperature reaches an unsafe level, then a thermal switch will turn off the heating element inside the shower. The heating element will be turned back on when the water temperature drops.

With smooth curved styling, Vie comes in white and chrome, and satin and chrome finish for the 10.8kW model. Complemented by a five mode, RubClean™ handset with double armour metal hose, the Vie offers real style at an affordable price.

The new Mira Vie stacks up well against other manufacturers’ showers in the same price band, and offers more features. So confident is Mira that it states there is “No shower better than this at this price point”.

Mira Showers’ product manager for electric showers, Chris Clarke, comments: “The introduction of Vie will make Mira electric showers more affordable and provide our customers with more choice and a competitive alternative to other brands on the market. Vie offers the merchant a competitive margin opportunity and the installer a simple, easy-to-install, fit and forget product.”

Vie is supplied with a comprehensive Installation and User Guide which gives all the information needed for a safe installation that meets all the necessary industry regulations, together with guidelines on maintenance and safe use.

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