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Mira pumps up the power for top surf spot


Installing the Mira Platinum Pumped Mixer in its guests’ bathrooms has enabled the Headlands Hotel – a four star hotel overlooking one of the UK’s top surfing beaches – to upgrade its showers to the highest standard with a minimum of disruption and cost. Overlooking Fistral Beach in Cornwall, the hotel is in a perfect position to admire the spectacular surf and scenery but, according to owner John Armstrong, the showering had posed a difficulty.

“We’ve been replacing the whole plumbing system in this 110 year old building over the past decade. In this time power showers have become ever more popular and our gravity fed showers had become a continual gripe from customers: they wanted more water. We were considering whether it was practicable to pressurise the whole system, but it seemed that was not a realistic option. Then our local Mira agent drew our attention to digital showers”.

“I didn’t know what he meant at first: “a digital shower”. But these Mira Platinum Digital showers are perfect. We have installed them in 16 rooms so far and the guests have been delighted. We’re also very surprised and pleased because this method of tackling the problem has proved cheaper than the more obvious traditional solution.”

The wireless digital shower enables the user to set their preferred temperature and flow and, because the controls are surface-mounted, it can be retrofitted quickly and simply onto existing tiling. Digital technology and careful design make the Platinum adaptable to local conditions. The wireless controller can be located up to 10 metres away from the shower valve while the pump can be installed where ever convenient within three metres – behind the bath panel, in this case.

“They were easy to fit and easy to set and the back up from Mira was first class too,” remarked Roger Cowl of the installers, County Heating Maintenance, who was so impressed he intends fitting one in his own bathroom.

The digital shower provides thermostatic temperature stability, so showering is safe for all the family, and has separate flow and push button temperature control as well as programmable functions including: Warm – Up mode, Clock display & Eco setting. An additional controller can also be fitted so that the shower can be operated from another room. Supplied without fittings in this case, the Mira Platinum comes as standard with a Mira 360 showerhead complete with Flipstream TechnologyTM – one flip action, four unique sprays.

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