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Mira's compact pumps boost pressures quietly


Installers can now offer customers the opportunity to enjoy power shower performance even in areas of low water pressure with the latest range of pumps from Mira Showers – the UK’s leading manufacturer of showering products and accessories.

The advantage to the user is plain: installing a pump is cheaper and less disruptive than upgrading the entire water system to high pressure; and the pumps will work with any make of shower mixer, not just Mira. The pumps also provide an opportunity to both the installer and stockist: a single quality manufacturer and a single source of stock.

The pumps’ performance can boost even the lowest water pressure to luxury standards. The 3.0 bar model produces up to 60 litres per minute, the 2.0 bar model up to 35 litres per minute and even the smallest, the 1.5 bar pump, pushes water flow up to 32 litres a minute – enough water to fill an average bath in three minutes.

This range of pumps also answers the three most common drawbacks to installing a pump – noise, size and duty cycles. Many householders complain that entry-level pumps create unacceptable levels of noise, but Mira’s have been engineered to cut this out with quiet motors, anti-vibration hoses and rubber feet that stop noise transferring to floorboards. The design also prevents air getting stuck in the system.

The pumps are also among the smallest on the market and so can be discreetly housed in an airing cupboard, under the bath or in any other suitable space. The 1.5 bar and 2.0 bar models measure only 300mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 205 mm (H).

Many budget pumps need a rest period after they have been used for certain time –this is known as the duty cycle. One competing brand, for instance, has to be switched off for 60 minutes after being on for 15 minutes – enough to cause early morning rows as the family tries to get ready. But the two smaller pumps in the Mira range – 1.5 bar and 2.0 bar – only need 30 minutes off after every 30 minutes, while the 3.0 bar model is continuously rated with no rest period required at all!

For ease of installation the pumps will come with four flexible hoses and are ‘push-fit’, so joining them to the pipe work is simple while integral isolating valves ensure that any maintenance can be done without flooding the bathroom.

For peace of mind, the guarantee for the 1.5 and 2.0 bar models are guaranteed for two years, while that for the 3.0 bar models is guaranteed for three years; and . This covers parts and labour with work being carried out by Mira’s team of highly professional service engineers.

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