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MITA Launches Steel Wire Cable Tray


MITA Cable Management Specialists have launched a new range of wire cable trays.

The innovative aemsa cable tray system provides a complete solution for the fast and effective installation of power and data cables.

The design is based on a double transverse wire which gives greater overall strength and loading capacity and incorporates a smooth safety edge, thereby reducing potential to damage cables and providing protection to the hands of the installer.

Aemsa tray is available in 3 depths ? 70mm as standard, 35mm and 105mm. Widths range from 60mm – 600mm with a standard tray length of three metres and a choice of three finishes: electro-zinc, hot dip galvanised or stainless steel.

Ease of installation is a key benefit of aemsa. Any type of bend or junction can be formed/manufactured on site using only side angled bolt cutters and clamps. This provides flexibility in installation, particularly when unexpected obstacles crop up.

Quick fit couplers join tray sections together and avoid the need for special tools, whilst the fast fix brackets and clips used for fixing the trays to ceiling and wall brackets further reduces installation time.

An innovative design and a wide range of brackets and support puts MITA?s aemsa wire cable tray at the forefront of the market.

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