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Mitsubishi Electric used the RAC & H&V ‘09 Exhibitions (24-26 February, NEC) to showcase the latest advances to the company’s range of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment


This includes the new City Multi and Mr Slim Zubadan systems, which use a unique flash injection circuit to allow the condensers to continue delivering full heating capacity at outdoor temperatures as low as -15ºC and increases the guaranteed operating range down to -25ºC.

“We are unlikely to see such extreme temperatures in the UK but traditional outdoor units can sometimes lose as much as 30 per cent of their capacity at temperatures of -5ºC and below, which was what much of the country was facing only a few weeks ago,” explained Philip Ord, Product Marketing Manager for the company’s comprehensive range of air conditioning products.

The operational capacity of all standard models decreases to some degree when it gets colder outside because a lower evaporation temperature is required. This leads to a decrease in the compressor speed, to avoid overheating, and a decrease in the amount of refrigerant in circulation.

“This unique new system optimises refrigerant flow in low ambient conditions by bypassing some of the refrigerant to the compressor through a flash injection circuit to maximise the heating efficiency and increase the heating range,” added Ord.

Zubadan boasts a super-quick start up and breaks between defrost of up to two or even three times longer than normal. It is available in a variety of configurations across the Mr Slim and City Multi line up.

Also displayed at Mitsubishi Electric’s double stand – which straddled both the RAC and the H&V Shows – was the advanced AG150 controller, the new WR2, WY ground source heat pump system and the unique PWFY water heating system which uses advanced heat pump technology to provide a building’s hot water in place of a traditional boiler – by taking excess heat from the air conditioning to reduce overall energy consumption.

The company also showed off its new range of Photovoltaic (PV) power generating products for both residential and commercial applications and a new range of heat recovery ventilation units for the residential market, in addition to demonstrating the latest developments to the award-winning Ecodan® air source heat pump range.

“We are continuing to highlight the most advanced and energy efficient products available because we know that in the current economic downturn, businesses are looking for savings in all areas and particularly in energy costs,” added Ord.

“We are confident that by pushing the energy efficiency agenda, we will continue to demonstrate our worth to customers and help ensure that the industry not only survives the current downturn but also has an essential role to play in the future.”

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