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MK Electric has healthcare covered in depth


MK Electric has recently compiled a collection of wiring accessories ideally suited to the demanding needs of the healthcare sector – whether they be safety, security, and hygiene. The collection encompasses anti-bacterial switches and sockets; lockable and surge-protected devices and accessories dedicated for those with disabilities.

MK Electric’s Logic Plus wiring accessories range has now been demonstrated to possess significant anti-microbial properties. The Logic Plus range is 99.9% lethal to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), compared to 86.4% for similar competitive products; 98.9% lethal to Klebsiella Pneumoniae – compared to 95.4% for other non-MK offerings – and is also 99.9% fatal to E-Coli and Salmonella.

The Logic Plus range is produced using Urea Formaldehyde, a high-grade thermoset material; which has similar inherent properties to anti-microbial additives which inhibit the growth of the four infectious diseases identified. In addition, Logic Plus products are also produced scratch-free – thanks to highly-engineered moulding tools – obviating the occurrence of dirt traps in which harmful bacteria may lodge.

The company’s Masterseal, Metalclad Plus, Edge and Albany Plus products are now also all available with key-operated locks to prevent unauthorised tampering of the power supply. The 20A double pole key operated switch and 13A double pole key operated socket feature printed terminal markings and universal lock. The key can be removed from the lock in both the ON or OFF position, so ensuring that power is either maintained or withheld according to need. The universal lock allows one key to operate a number of devices, simplifying the security process.

MK Electric also offers Isolated Power Supply (IPS) sockets that are double pole or un-switched; are ‘Clean Earth’ and are colour-coded blue with engraved white lettering stating ‘Medical Equipment Only’. Where white outlets are preferred; they can should be mounted on a blue background, with the socket engraved ‘Medical Equipment Only’ in blue lettering.

An IPS increases the supply resilience by reducing the impact of first fault conditions downstream of the IPS. The IPS is usually combined with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) that prevents disruption of the supply owing to problems upstream of the UPS.

Other product’s in MK Electric’s very comprehensive range that lend themselves to healthcare environments include: lighting control sensors for better management of energy consumption; colour-contrasted, large rockered and pull-cord operated switches to assist the less able; and a extensive series of data and power cable management systems.

Backed by MK’s unrivalled quality, reliability and service; the ranges – outlined in the new eight-page MK publication Healthcare Sector Products – are guaranteed for between 10 and an impressive 20 years, depending on product.

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