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MK Electric isolates alarms to standard requirements


MK Electric – the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and electrical accessories – has launched a unique Fire Alarm Isolator to ensure that systems comply with the requirements of BS 5839: Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings, Part 1.

The Standard requires double pole isolation of alarm systems, stating: “To facilitate local isolation during maintenance, suitable means should be provided for double pole isolation of the low voltage supply circuit that serves the power supply and control equipment”. The standard also requires the isolator be lockable in the on and off position; meaning a traditionally-switched isolator will not comply.

MK Electric’s lockable isolator provides a robust, durable and ultimately safe solution to the challenges of BS 5839; and is available in the company’s popular Logic Plus, Aspect, Edge and Albany Plus ranges of accessories. Further finishes are available on a bespoke basis from the MK Electric Design Service.

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