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New Blast Division Success for Fendor


Fendor’s new Blast and Ballistic Systems Division is filling a gap in the market for specialist safety products, with orders rapidly being won. Derek Quinn, technical manager and Steve Simpson, design and projects manager who manage the division, say interest is ‘worldwide’ . The recent closure of one of the biggest players in the security market has opened up major opportunities for the Fendor. “We are servicing demand from all over the world for our products and services,” comments Derek, whose expertise in blast resistant and ballistic products includes working with the military in Afghanistan and Singapore, as well as securing UK and other Government embassies. “We have launched new initiatives, including the new BlastLine system, new doors and windows, and we have set up a comprehensive testing programme” he says. m/f…


“In today’s climate our services are in great demand,” explains Steve Simpson. We ensure that all requirements fit the client’s individual needs, from designs and drawings to pre-site meetings and risk assessment . ‘’ One of the most recent projects is the design and supply of a large consignment of blast resistant fenestration for a gas field off the coast of Australia.” Other projects included MillBank, the House of Lords offices as well as products for a number of long term clients such as Geo Houlton &Son for Nippon Goshei and the Thurston Group. Fendor’s MD, Chris Duffy sees the new department as a major long term investment with the potential to bring new jobs to the North East where

Fendor are based in addition to supplying a very demanding market. “Together, Derek and Steve have over 25 years of experience in blast resistant and ballistic products, and we are more than confident that we can deliver a premium service on a global level,” he comments. “This new venture for Fendor, and the interest that it has generated reinforces Fendor’s reputation within the safety industry and opens up new opportunities in a contemporary and relevant marketplace.” Ends

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