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New Bona Naturale – for natural looking wood floors in commercial areas


BonaKemi announces the launch of a 2-component version of its unique ‘Naturale’ finish for wooden floors.

Launched last year as a residential floor finish, the commercial version now offers designers, architects and other specifiers a way of achieving a completely natural looking wooden floor with the durability and protection essential for commercial, retail or public spaces.

Combining the best properties of lacquer, oil and wax finishes, Bona Naturale offers an easy to maintain surface with the look and feel of natural wood. Unlike a surface finished with polyurethane lacquer, it can also be spot repaired using the special Bona Naturale Repair Kit.

BonaKemi’s Technical Manager, Alec Stacey says, “Other treatments, no matter how natural, will change the original texture and appearance of the wood significantly.

Bona Naturale doesn’t! It gives a wooden floor a unique, contemporary look and provides outstanding protection. Compared to oiled or waxed floors, it’s virtually maintenance free.”

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