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Wilo has launched its new CAT5 Booster set into the marketplace. UK water regulations – G6.1e – states that non-domestic hose union taps cannot be fitted directly to the water supply. It is essential to incorporate a backflow prevention device to ensure no back flow and syphonage leading to contamination of the potable water supply by bacteria returning up the hose pipe into the mains water supply.

The new Wilo CAT5 booster set incorporates a 115 litre polypropylene break tank which is supplied complete with a WRAS approved AB air gap. The overflow and weir are screened to enable connection to hygienic systems.

Applications for this equipment include such uses as non domestic hose union taps, bin and vehicle washdown, garden irrigation, laboratories, mortuary and embalming equipment, butchery and slaughter-house equipment.

The units are supplied with either a single fixed speed pump or a variable speed pump as specified. The single speed sets are controlled via a pressure switch, DOL motor starter and a run on timer, whilst the variable speed sets are controlled via a pressure transducer and motor mounted inverter.

The booster set monitors the system pressure and as demand increases the pressure will fall and the pump will start and continue to run, until demand has stopped and pressure increases to the set point. The fixed speed booster sets have a run on timer that overrides the pressure switch for a set period to minimise the number of starts per hour.


Wilo has announced the release of a new series of Pressurisation Units for closed heating and chilled water systems for use in commercial and industrial premises. They are available in four ranges to suit every installation – from open pack base mounted, comfort wall and floor mounted and twin systems able to control both heating and chilled systems. Each range has one and two pump models available with a selection of pumps to suit a range of static requirements.

Wilo pressurisation units are designed to keep sealed MTHW (up to 90°C) , LTHW and chilled water systems at a predetermined pressure by topping the system up with wholesome water via an AB air gap.

Available in three different static head options – 35, 60 or 80 metres, these units are unique and amongst the first units of their type to be BACNet compatible making it possible to incorporate them within building management systems and to do so simply utilising a single cable interface. In addition the display on the units is backlit – essential for many installations where they tend to get installed in the darkest recesses of the plant room. With two lines of text on the interface the units are simple to interrogate unlike those units which flag up feedback using codes that may need to be interpreted. A final benefit is the simple installation making these units ideal replacement units.

Wilo can help you to select the correct pressurisation unit and expansion vessels for your system in accordance with BS7074 if you provide them with the following information: the static height of the building above the pressurisation unit in metres; the system content (litres) If unknown, provide the boiler power (Kw) which can then be used to estimate the system content; the flow and return temperatures; glycol content – percentage; and the final working pressure.

For more information on either of these quality units, visit www.wilo.co.uk or call Sales on 01283 523000.

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