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New Daikin Altherma Monobloc Heat Pump System


Designated Daikin Altherma EBHQ, the new packaged system has an operating ambient temperature of -15 to 250C for space heating and -15 to 350C for domestic hot water heating. Environmentally conscious, compact in size and requiring up to 15% less installation space than contemporary heat pumps, the system is easy to install and has all necessary field components located within the outdoor unit.

Heating and domestic hot water
Available in capacities of 6 and 8kW in both heating and heating/cooling versions, the system can be used to supply under floor heating, low temperature radiators or Daikin Heat Pump Convector units. The heart of the outdoor unit is a special Daikin inverter driven compressor, which reduces start/stop cycles, eliminates the need for a buffer tank, has a low starting current and offers a high full and partial load performances.

The system can also be supplied with an optional 150, 200 or 300 litre domestic hot water storage tank, compact enough for installation together with the control box in for example, a kitchen cupboard plus a 3-6kW back up heater, which is activated automatically in the event that water temperature drops to within 20C of freezing point.

Easy to install
The outdoor unit houses all required components such as plate heat exchanger, expansion vessel, water circulating pump, water and refrigerant piping, valves and flow switch etc, thereby reducing installation time to an absolute minimum. Since the refrigerant circuit is contained within the outdoor unit, no further refrigerant piping need be installed, enabling the system to be installed by any heating specialist.

The indoor control box offers easy to use control via a digital interface unit, which can either be located remotely in any area of the dwelling or installed on the control box itself. A weekly schedule timer allows low noise operation, domestic hot water heating or water temperature reduction to be activated as and when required. Up to 5 actions per day for every scheduled function can be programmed with this timer. Wiring is also simple and straightforward with only 4 wires between outdoor and indoor units, whilst the wiring to other components is pre-equipped with plug and play connections.

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