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New Daikin EWA/YQ~BA range brings inverter cost savings and improved environmental performance to the small chiller market


Daikin Europe (N.V.) has launched its new R-410A-based EWA/YQ~BA range which brings the advantages of inverter control to the small chiller market. Small office buildings and industrial processes can now benefit from cost savings due to the increased partial load efficiency (ESEER up to 4.5) and superior environmental performance of inverter control.

Optimised partial load efficiency for increased cost savings

The integrated inverter in the new range adjusts compressor speed to actual cooling/heating demand, allowing the chiller to operate at optimal efficiency regardless of thermal load conditions. By consuming only the power necessary to match the load, annual operating costs are minimised and the financial payback time of the chilled water system is shortened.

Running the compressor at the exact speed required also in optimised comfort and technical performance: extremely stable leaving water temperatures, reduced sound levels, quicker response to system demand, lower starting current requirements and an optimum power factor (always > 0.95). Fan control is also inverter based. The new chillers have the optimum partial load performance in their class, with ESEER values up to 4.5.

Wide applicability

The new units, available in cooling only and heat pump versions, can operate in a wide range of ambient conditions and are suitable for comfort and process cooling/heating, including brine applications. They also provide easy access to key components and good serviceability, for efficient maintenance and long system life. The basic hydraulic module can be equipped with an optional factory-mounted pump or high ESP pump. No buffer tank is required, further reducing system payback time. The units include a digital controller and support for an additional remote controller, as well as commonly requested accessory kits.

The new ‘EWA/YQ~BA’ range offers cooling capacities from 17 up to 75kW, in seven sizes with 1 or 2 circuits and is particularly suitable for applications requiring the highest levels of efficiency, savings and comfort.

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