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New Dorman Smith TVSS Kits for Loadbank System


Tyco Electronics has released new TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression) kits for Dorman Smith MCCB panel boards. The new enclosure and mounting kits offer more flexibility and functionality for the popular range and come complete with a Bowthorpe EMP three-phase distribution surge protector.

New Dorman Smith TVSS kits can be easily installed and include a DIN-rail facility to mount a three-pole MCB. All kits provide IP4X protection and feature remote status and site fault indication. Offering unrestricted cableway access the devices can be supplied from panel board through MCB or directly from the first outgoing MCCB.

Dorman Smith TVSS mounting kits are available in three different options including: the Loadbank 125 mounting bracket, which can be easily installed into the existing panel board enclosure; the Loadbank 200 and 250 two module cable way enclosure, which can be accommodated either side of the panel board; and the Loadbank 200 and 250 two module mounting frame, designed to fit to standard cables of two modules high or greater within the Loadbank 200 and 250 system.

The design of the new Dorman Smith TVSS enclosure and mounting kits are part of Tyco Electronics’ continual development and commitment to address current standard EN62305:2006 – protection of structures against lightning.

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