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New Energy Meter Is Simple, Reliable, Scaleable And Affordable


Tyco Electronics Energy Division has launched a new Crompton Instruments energy meter that is flexible and can be used in a broad variety of applications.

The new Integra Ci3 meter is the first of a new generation of digital metering systems that complements the existing Crompton Instruments Integra range. All the main electrical and power quality parameters can be measured from any supplies. Twenty fundamental measurements are offered, including single and three-phase, total harmonic distortion (THD), currents, frequency, KWh and so forth.

The Integra Ci3 digital metering system is programmable to suit single-, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire systems, while scalable current transformer ratios enable the display of any current range. The backlit LCD display simply clicks into place during manufacturing and screens are selected by the end user using four simple buttons and an intuitive interface. Two plug-in output ports allows a combination of various output modules – for example, pulsed relay and/or Modbus output – to be incorporated.

At the heart of the instrument is a homogenous single board that houses all the electronics for the meter. The central processors have been rationalised to give a common development platform for future extensions to the Crompton Instruments range of products. Even the development tools (software) are common. This gives almost limitless scalability and a high degree of ‘future proofing’ as both the Crompton Instruments product range and end user’s systems develop or grow.

The installation of the Integra Ci3 meter is simplicity itself. The DIN 96 enclosure has integral retention clips to enable fast, safe and secure panel mounting in various material thicknesses without any external screws of clips. The meter gives true RMS measurement and is fully CE certified. An IP65 protective cover is available for harsh environments.

The design of the product started with the involvement the voice of customers and internal sales, design, product management, procurement and manufacturing teams. Apart from resulting in a holistic process to ensure design efficiency, this early consultation influenced the manufacturing methods deployed, improved and truncated the design phase and ensured a high quality, reliable product from the first production runs. Only high quality standard value components are used – the risks and costs associated with bespoke or semi-bespoke devices is reduced, as is the need to carry discrete spares.

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