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New Guide to PICVs


Marflow Hydronics, the specialist solution providers for the balancing, controlling and metering of water distribution systems in the HVAC industry, has launched a brand new ‘Definitive Guide to Pressure Independent Control Valves’.

The aim of the guide is to provide understanding and knowledge to help anyone using the products, ensuring that systems are designed to optimise the best performance levels.

The guide describes the design and operation of Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs), explaining how they work, their operational limits and the control options available.

Martin Lowe, Joint Managing Director at Marflow Hydronics, says, “We get asked so many questions about PICVs and so we developed this guide to offer help and support to our customers. It’s been written with them in mind. PICVs have so many great benefits and if designers use this guide it will help them make the most of all those benefits in their systems.”

The guide has been written in conjunction with Chris Parsloe, an independent consultant who previously worked for BSRIA and has great experience with pipe system operation.

For your copy of the guide, please contact Marflow Hydronics on 0845 564 1555, email solutions@marflow.co.uk or visit www.marflowhydronics.co.uk.

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