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New Heating And Electrical Control Equipment Catalogue Launched


‘Easy reference’ guide for Grasslin and Tower product ranges

Grasslin and Tower products are becoming increasingly sought after by heating engineers, plumbers, installers and electricians across the UK, and merchants and electrical wholesalers will be pleased to know that there’s a brand new, easy to use catalogue of the product ranges out – and available now.

Already the leading brand of heating controls in the UK – programmers, thermostats, time switches and general switches – courtesy of their wide usage by virtually every heating appliance OEM in this country, people working at ‘the sharp end’ of the heating and electrical business – both specifiers and installers – are increasingly turning to Grasslin and Tower products as they discover the quality and reliability factors built into these products, already recognised by major names in their industry.

Bryan Gates is sales and marketing director responsible for the Grasslin and Tower brands in the UK: “This new catalogue comes in a new easy to use and easy to update ‘mini ring binder’ format that has already been received very warmly by those needing to use it on a regular basis. It offers stockists and users of our product ranges very easy access to the products we offer along with prices and technical data they may need.”

Further information on the product ranges can be found by clicking on www.grasslin-controls.co.uk.

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