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New improved Daikin Sky Air inverter outdoor units offers greater efficiencies


Daikin has upgraded the design of its RZQ Super Inverter (1 phase) and RZQS Comfort Inverter, developed for use in offices, shops and restaurants, thereby increasing efficiencies throughout both ranges. In the case of the RZQS100 for example, cooling and heating efficiencies are improved by up to 23% and 11% respectively over those of the earlier model. Both RZQ and RZQS units continue to support the connection of a wide range of indoor units and retain their wide temperature operating range.

RZQ Super Inverter — high efficiency and installation flexibility

The new RZQ-D Super Inverter currently returns the highest COPs and EERs on the market with energy label 'A' ratings in most configurations and like previous RZQ units, it also has an extended operating range in -15° C to 50° C (cooling) and 15.5&deg C down to -20° C (heating) outdoor ambients.

The unit is flexible with respect to piping diameter and although it utilises R-410A refrigerant, it also allows the re-use of existing R-22 or R-407c field piping with piping lengths up to 75m possible. This ensures easier installation and lower installation costs when upgrading existing buildings. The RZQ is also suitable for technical and computer room cooling.

RZQS Comfort Inverter: improved efficiency

The new RZQS Comfort Inverter also has higher COPs and EERs than previous models, with energy label ratings of 'B' in most configurations. It retains its predecessor's extended operating range – with cooling at outdoor temperatures up to 46° C and heating down to -15° C – and supports multiple indoor units.

Built to last

Both units feature the Daikin emphasis on quality construction with special acrylic pre-coated fins to prevent corrosion on the heat exchanger and resist severe weather conditions. The outdoor units – available in 3,4,5,6 HP models – are fitted with high quality Daikin swing or scroll compressors, renowned for their low noise, high energy efficiency and trouble-free operation.

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