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New light commercial multi system from Daikin


Flexible high efficiency solution for light commercial applications

Daikin Europe N.V. has extended its Sky Air series (20 and 25 kW with a new light commercial multi system (CMSQ. Designed for light commercial multi applications such as shops, restaurants and small offices, the R-410A system is inverter controlled ensuring maximum comfort and high efficiency. It allows up to four indoor units of varying types and sizes to be individually controlled and is extremely quiet. Also, its extended piping length supports flexible outdoor unit placement on walls, roof and indoors.

COP of 4.1 in heating mode and 3.71 in cooling mode

The CMSQ outdoor unit is equipped with an inverter controlled scroll compressor driven by a high efficiency motor. Inverter control ensures constant room temperatures and maximum efficiency, especially in partial load situations – EERs up to 3.71 in cooling mode and COPs to 4.1 in heating mode. A total piping length of 160 metres is supported by a Refnet system for optimum refrigerant flow. The outdoor unit combines a high static pressure of 50 Pa with sound levels as low as 57 dBA in normal operation and down to 45 dBA in night set mode.

Individually controlled indoor units

Two types of indoor units are offered: a Roundflow cassette (FMCQ) and a concealed ceiling unit (FMDQ), both available in a range of capacities from 5 to 12.5 kW in cooling mode. Up to four indoor units can be installed in any combination of capacity and type, with each unit individually controllable via its own infrared or hard-wired remote control. The indoor units operate at near silent sound levels — FMCQ down to 28dBA and FMDQ down to 30 dBA. CMSQ also optionally supports Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Controller and Intelligent Manager control systems.

The FMCQ Roundflow cassette provides comfortable 3600 air discharge with uniform airflow and even temperature distribution. Horizontal air discharge ensures draught free operation and the unit’s 23 different airflow patterns allow installation in corners or small rooms. Optional fresh air intake up to 20% is available and the unit’s decorative panel comes in 2 colours –: white or white with white louvres for better integration in shop and commercial interiors.

The lightweight and compact FMDQ concealed ceiling unit blends with every style of interior and fits flush against the ceiling, with only the air suction and discharge grilles visible. The air discharge grilles are adjustable, allowing uniform temperature distribution even in irregularly shaped rooms.

Multiple applications

CMSQ is designed for applications with multiple rooms/areas that require great flexibility in installation and control. A two floor shop with a back office for example, in which the upper floor can have slightly different temperature settings from the lower floor. Different settings can also be used in the back office. This possibility applies to individually controlled indoor units. Furthermore, the back office system could be switched off when not in use and if the back office is small, the asymmetric combinations enable the exact capacity required to be selected. CMSQ also allows mixing the indoor types (cassettes and ducts) as well as unit capacity classes.

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