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New Marshall-Tufflex solution delivers tidier desktops


Cable management specialist Marshall-Tufflex has launched a smart new range of pre-wired office furniture desk units as part of its Underfloor to Desk Solutions range.

The units provide a neat, safe and stylish method of delivering power to desktop devices such as computers and printers, replacing messy and potentially dangerous trailing power cables. Power can be delivered directly from Marshall-Tufflex’s MT32 plug and play 32Amp power distribution system or via Marshall-Tufflex’s Series 507 or any other powertrack sytem.

The system is fully segregated with Clean Earth (CE) and standard versions available, together with optional MCBs and RCD protection. The desk units comply with BS 6396 for Electrical Systems in Office Furniture and with BS 1363-2, where applicable. Colour coding indicates red for 3.15Amp and yellow for 5Amp.

The desk units are also compatible with a range of prefabricated wiring systems using standard 16Amp connectors and compact 32Amp connectors. Units are supplied as standard in black ABS and aluminium. However, aluminium units required with a silver-grey anodised finish are also available by contacting Marshall-Tufflex’s Technical Team.

Full details of the new office furniture desk units are available in Marshall-Tufflex’s newly launched Underfloor to Desk Solutions brochure, a full-colour 40-page brochure which comprehensively outlines where, when and how its underfloor to desk systems (including Series 507) work, with photographs, clearly annotated pictures and exploded diagrams detailing technical, specification and installation information.

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