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New Partnership Rises Across the Atlantic


A brand new European and US partnership brings The Bollard People and The Bollard Guys together as ATG Access and Calpipe Security Bollards announce the signing of an exclusive manufacturing license agreement.

ATG Access security bollards are world famous for the quality of manufacture, reliability, maintenance and after sales support. The US marketplace has tremendous potential for the continued growth of the ATG Access range of products, this agreement is also a massive step towards providing the US marketplace with the quality of product and after care they deserve.

CEO of Calpipe, Dan Markus said “This Licence deal provides great benefits to both companies, the potential marketplace in the US is huge and the signing of this agreement gives ATG Access the US manufacturing partner they sought to further their international expansion”.

The ATG Access/Calpipe partnership will manufacture a full range of bollards providing solutions at every level of security and traffic management.

Traffic management solutions are accredited at the very highest level and are widely used in Europe and throughout Asia to allow temporary secure access or to close off an area to all but authorised (tagged) vehicles.

The anti terrorist range provides a benchmark for the rest of the industry, armed with PAS68 and Department of State K rated products at the highest level the SP bollards provide the ultimate protection against terrorist attack.

Unique Shallow mount technology will allow the installation of a K4 rated bollard in a foundation of just 4 inches.

Glenn Cooper, President of ATG Access added “This Licensed manufacturing deal brings together our cutting edge technology and engineering innovation with Calpipes obvious great position in the US marketplace, we are truly excited by the opportunity to provide the US with the product and service they have been looking for”.

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