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New Purchase Order Module Added To Luckins’ Software Toolcase Range Of Software For Contractors


Luckins has released a new Purchase Order module to complement the popular Software Toolcase range of software for electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors.

The new module, which is fully compatible with Software Toolcase Estimating and the Luckins product and price databases, will not only help contractors reduce the administrative cost of materials procurement but will also provide valuable information to help maximise buying power and ultimately improve profit margins.

Using a buying list created from an estimate or data taken directly from the Luckins database, users can create purchase orders priced using the most up-to-date price and discount data. Orders may be linked to a project enabling the contractor to see a constantly updated snapshot of his committed costs.

Once the order has been placed the system enables the contractor to capture delivery information from the supplier’s Goods Received Notes, automatically highlighting over- or under-deliveries and calculating the expected invoice value.

Professionally presented purchase orders will reduce mistakes by suppliers so Software Toolcase Purchase Order comes equipped with a range of standard report formats. Alternatively bespoke formats can be added to suit an individual company’s specific needs.

In addition a range of analysis tools and reports are provided, enabling the contractor to calculate rebates due, and to analyse his spending over a period by any combination of supplier, manufacturer or project.

In common with all the Software Toolcase range, Purchase Order is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. New users receive full training, ensuring they start to see the benefits of their investment as soon as possible.

Donna Ward, Luckins’ Managing Director, commented: “We understand that reducing administrative costs and ensuring you always buy materials at the correct price can make a significant difference to a contractor’s profit margin. Our customers told us they needed tools to help them achieve these goals and Software Toolcase Purchase Order is our response to their wishes”

Software Toolcase Purchase Order joins the existing range of Software Toolcase modules which includes Estimating, Project Manager (Variations & Valuations), Budget Estimating and Enquiry Manager.

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