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Kingswinford-based manufacturer, Elta Fans, has announced the availability of a new brochure on the twin-fan version of its ‘QuietflowDCV’ range. The full-colour, 36-page brochure covers all the products’ features, benefits, specifications, technological improvements and technical data, as well as all relevant current legislation and the role of twin-fan units in providing continuous ventilation. Brochures for the Elta Fan Quietflow SQS and QuietflowDCV Single Fan units are also available.

Twin-fan units are used in various applications that require guaranteed continual ventilation. The two fans are mounted within the same unit, with only one fan operational at any time. The second fan acts as a backup and only becomes operational if the primary fan fails. To ensure longevity, there is a duty share schedule programmed for change every six hours, whereby the operational fan becomes the backup fan and vice versa. Typical applications include hospitals, public buildings, office buildings, toilets or other areas where volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are present and necessitate extraction on public health grounds.

‘Quietflow’ is the range of acoustically treated, compact units from Elta Fans designed to overcome space restrictions in buildings with low ceiling voids and to provide exceptionally quiet performance when installation in close proximity to the occupants is unavoidable. ‘QuietflowDCV’ is the manufacturer’s affordable solution for ‘demand control ventilation’, providing optimum air quality combined with low energy usage. It does this whilst making significant energy savings through the use of variable speed solutions to ensure the ventilation rate always matches the occupancy rate in order to maximise indoor air quality cost effectively.

QuietflowDCV units are robust, lightweight with low-profile, galvanized steel casing and flame-retardant, Class O-rated acoustic lining – so breakout noise levels are significantly lowered. The high-efficiency, backward-curved, centrifugal impellers are directly driven by an external rotor motor, mounted inside the fan casing and designed to provide reliable, continuous air extraction with a smooth airflow. The impeller axis runs horizontally across the unit, which minimizes the overall height of the unit for ease of fitting in roof spaces.

The three main elements comprise the sensors, zone controller and room controller. The sensors continuously measure and monitor ambient conditions in the conditioned space and provide real time feed back to the zone controller which adjusts the fan speed, modulating the ventilation rate to match the specific use and occupancy of the building. The room controller provides a clear overview of the settings and status, with simple intuitive operation and unobtrusive aesthetic design. All QuietflowDCV units are suitable for 220-240V operation and all the AC-motor specified units operate on 50Hz whilst all EC-motor specified units can operate on 50Hz or 60Hz. They are tested to ISO 5801:1997 (airside performance) and to BS 848 Pt 2:1985 (sound performance). All units are designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001: 2000.

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