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New Scented Air Curtain


JS Air Curtains is launching the new Intensse air curtain with a built-in air freshener, UV air purification, strip light and energy saving technology. The Intensse’s many features and very attractive design make it ideal for use in modern commercial premises like banks, hotels and offices.

As well as maintaining pleasant internal temperatures the unit further helps improve the indoor environment by incorporating a noise reduction system that keeps operating noise to less than 46dB(A).

The Intensse’s air freshener has six different scent options in cassette form. They are inserted into the top of the air curtain near to the air inlet and will gently release an aroma for up to 12 months, after which they can be easily changed.

To improve the quality of air flowing through the system a hidden UV lamp kills airborne pollutants such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. An additional strip light on the air inlet helps add to the attractive appearance of the air curtain. Green, red and blue bulbs are supplied as standard with the air curtain along with matching colour trims for the side panels so the user can select their chosen colour if desired.

Fast heat wire elements and an energy saving power regulation system reduce energy consumption by up to 20% compared to standard electrically heated air curtains. The wire elements within the unit heat up to temperature in just 5-10 seconds rather than the 120 seconds it takes a stainless steel heating rod to reach temperature. Once the internal temperature nears its set point the air curtain will pulse the power to the elements, reducing the overall energy consumption and maintaining a more consistent internal temperature.

The Intensse is available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths and with electric or low pressure hot water (LPHW) heating. Outputs range from 9.5kW to 19kW for electric heating and 17.5kW to 36.5kW for LPHW. A digital wall mounted control panel allows full control over all functions and can be used with internal and external temperature sensors for intuitive comfort control.

JS Air Curtains supplies an extensive range of air curtains, as well as bespoke solutions, for all commercial and industrial applications. JS’ in-house project management division also provides a smooth, hassle-free installation service that walks the customer through from design specification to post-installed product training.

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