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New Sprint 3000 R High speed roller door delivers greater security & extended operating life, due to practically wear-free operation


The innovative DiscDrive technology at the heart of sara's new Sprint 3000 R roller door delivers practically wear-free operation, plus low noise and vibration, for extended operating life. Designed for frequent operation inside or out, the Sprint 3000 R is a low maintenance door that offers maximum reliability in high traffic areas; its robust construction easily coping with the toughest everyday production demands.

The patented DiscDrive technology integrated into the Sprint 3000 R comprises sturdy profiles, which are wound separately on up to three winding modules. This design reduces noise, vibration and – most importantly – wear, by preventing harmful metal-to-metal contact. Moreover, with the profiles protected from damage, they suffer no distortion, even after frequent, long term use, enabling the Sprint 3000 R to deliver practically wear-free, continuous operation, with long service intervals and low maintenance costs.

Also contributing to the Sprint’s low maintenance operation is a simplified overall design, which, in addition to using fewer parts for improved reliability, also provides a unique response to impact damage. Using a completely new technology, the individual profiles in the Sprint door are linked without hinges; instead, each section is individually mounted on rubberised carrying belts, creating an elastic flexibility. The benefit of this design is evident in the case of impact; the pressure from the impact is dispersed and not transmitted to the overall door structure. As a result, any damage is always kept within limits, and, even in the worst case scenarios, individual sections are quick and easy to replace.

With its curtain of robust metal profiles, with optional vision panels, the Sprint 3000 R provides greater security, not only in high-cycle and high traffic areas, but also in other applications such as machinery protection and laser protection. In all of these applications the Sprint’s tough construction and reduced vulnerability to crash damage are paramount.

As well as reducing whole life costs for users – through long life and low maintenance – the Sprint 3000 R also optimises production throughput with its fast opening speeds of up to 2m/s. These are delivered by the Sprint’s MCC vector control intelligent door system, which also ensures smooth operation at high speed, and gives users the facility to program operation of the door to meet individual user needs.

Effective safeguarding of users during all aspects of door operation is provided by sara’s patented non-contact safety beam with pre-running photocell. The photocell automatically detects any obstructions during door closing, and reverses the door automatically, before its bottom edge can make contact with equipment, vehicles or personnel.

In addition to the standard non-contact safety beam and the door line photocell, the Sprint 3000 R door offers a comprehensive range of safety options to enable customisation to specific application requirements. These include: an electrically monitored contact safety edge (which replaces the 'non-contact' safety beam); drop down protection via tension springs; and emergency self-opening in the event of power failure (partial depending on door size) by Bowden lever brake release. As you would expect there are many activation devices to choose from, including radio, mushroom button, induction loops and a wide range of radar/presence detectors for example.

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