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New Thermoboard UFH insulation improves CSH scores


Wavin – a leading supplier of water management, plumbing and drainage systems for the building, construction and utilities markets – has upgraded all insulation products in its Thermoboard Underfloor Heating (UFH) range so that it is now easier for builders and developers to score highly when following the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH).

The upgrades affect Thermoboard Low-Build, Pocketed Polystyrene and Foiled Polystyrene heating panels, improving both their strength and environmental characteristics.

The change in the extruded polystyrene insulation employed means that Long Term Strength is now 300% of what it was and that its Global Warming Potential (GWP) has been reduced to less than 5. Compressive Strength has risen from 200kPa to 300kPa while the figures for Long Term Strength, over 50 Years with 2% compression, have risen from 40kPa to 130kPa.

The reduction in GWP benefits all properties being assessed against CSH, where credits are awarded when all insulants used within a property have a GWP of less than 5. Now builders and developers following the Code can attain higher scores with minimal effort.

The Thermoboard range of products provides the ideal answer to surface heating and cooling within any domestic or light commercial environment, being designed and tested to the highest industry standards.

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