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The UK’s underfloor heating market leader, Uponor, has unveiled a brand new installation concept that can cut the time taken to install underfloor heating systems by fifty per cent, drastically reducing installers’ overheads.

Uponor’s brand new Self Attaching System offers a tool-free and hassle-free approach to underfloor heating allowing one individual installer to lay a complete system from start to finish in half the time of traditional systems.

The key element to the Self Attaching System is a unique band which is wound in a spiral around Uponor’s oxygen tight PEX pipe. This band allows one installer to quickly, safely and securely fix the pipe to laminated installation boards which are also quick and easy to position.

The new system offers complete flexibility in terms of pipe laying patterns and complete security and peace of mind. The result is a sophisticated underfloor heating system that is fast, easy to lay and modify and can be installed from start to finish by just one person saving labour time and money.

Neil Young, Uponor’s indoor climate applications manager, explains: “The innovative self attaching system is remarkably easy to install. There are no specialist tools or equipment and it is a one-person job.

“The self attaching technology removes any stress from installation as the pipe position can be repeatedly adjusted without damaging the insulation. There are no extra components such as clips, rails or staples and no fixing holes are required meaning the membrane completely retains its integrity.”

Installation of the simple yet sophisticated system starts with the fixing panels which form the membrane and are quickly unrolled and sealed. The unique PEX pipe, covered with the Self Attaching System band, fixes very simply and securely to the panel and can be removed and relayed as many times as desired.

Neil adds: “The Self Attaching System allows Uponor to offer a full suite of underfloor heating solutions. It complements the existing market-leading range of solutions and works with the full suite of Uponor’s water heating and energy control units.

“We are confident that the new system will be well received by the market as it offers the ideal combination of both time and cost savings and productivity.”

Installers can view a short video of the Self Attaching System being installed to see for themselves how fast and flexible it really is. To view the film visit www.youtube.com

For more information about Uponor click on www.uponor.co.uk , email enquiries.uk@uponor.com or call 01455 550355.

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